Apple apologizes for massive FaceTime bug, says fix coming next week

Apple apologies to the iPhone and iPad users for a massive FaceTime security issue.

Apple apologies to the iphone and ipad users for a massive FaceTime security  issue. It let user eavesdrop on others conversation even they never answered a call. Apple thanks to the family of 14-year boy who help to bring the bug to the national attention

Apple assured to fix the bug is now coming week, not this week. At last Friday Apple apologized for a their massive FaceTime bug that allowed other users to eavesdrop on video call. Apple said that will re-enable now FaceTime is schedued to be released on next week.

This week the word about the issue went viral after people noticed that it was possible to eavesdrop in on, even if the person receiving the FaceTime call din’t pickup. Apple appreciate the family of a 14 year boy who was helped to discover the bug and report it to Apple.

Grant, 14 discovered the bug at FaceTime on Jan 19, he called Nathan who is Grant’s friend he told to ABC News. Gran Thompson called Diego, his another friend he disabled group FaceTime feature connected him to Nathan even he hadn’t picked up.Michele Thompson tweeted about glitch and reported to Apple.Michele Thompson forwarded the news about this bug to news organizations and also posted on YouTube